Kids’ Lunchbox & Snack ideas

With a burst of fruity flavors and a variety of ways to enjoy them, Danimals Yogurt and Smoothies are a great addition to lunch and snack time. Find inspiration with our easy kids’ lunchbox recipes that bring fun and nutrition to lunchtime. Get creative and theme lunch around your Danimals Smoothies Bongo bottle. And don’t forget, Danimals Squeezables and Yo-Tubes can be frozen and then placed in lunchboxes to keep everything cool while it thaws in time for lunch.

Our Products

Danimals Smoothies featuring Disney•Pixar Incredibles

A burst of fruity flavors they love in a nutritious dairy drink.

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Danimals Smoothies featuring Disney•Pixar Incredibles Danimals Smoothies featuring Disney•Pixar Incredibles

Danimals® Squeezables

Portable, fun and full of delicious fruity flavor, Danimals Squeezables brings the creamy goodness of Danimals lowfat yogurt in a convenient pouch. No spoon, no mess!

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Danimals® Squeezables Danimals<sup>®</sup> Squeezables

Danimals® Yo‑Tubes

On-the-go goodness that’s perfect for dropping into a lunchbox or grabbing for a snack. Kids will love the taste of creamy lowfat yogurt in their favorite fruity flavors.

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Danimals® Yo‑Tubes Danimals<sup>®</sup> Yo‑Tubes

Danimals® Nonfat Yogurt

Creamy nonfat yogurt in kid-approved fruity flavors. Available in select schools.

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Danimals® Nonfat Yogurt Danimals<sup>®</sup> Nonfat Yogurt